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Stephen King was born in Portland, Maine. His father, a merchant seaman, deserted the family in 1950. The young Stephen and his brother David were raised in Durham, Maine, by their mother who worked in odd jobs to support her children. At the age of six, he had his eardrum punctured several time. King attended a grammar school in Durham and Lisbon Falls High school, where he started to write short stories and played in an amateur rock band. In 1960 he submitted his first story for publication – it was rejected. He edited the school newspaper, The Drum, and also wrote for the local newspaper, Lisbon Weekly Enterprise. His first story, entitled ‘In a Half-World of Terror’, came out in a horror fanzine.

In 1970 King graduated from the University of Maine. Next year he married Tabitha Spruce, who has also gained fame as a writer. Since the late 2000s, King has spend with his wife winters in Florida, near Sarasota.


From 1971 to 1974 King was an instructor at the Hampden Academy, earning $6,400 a year. His first novel, Carrie (1974), was a tale of a girl with telekinetic powers.

In the late summer of 1974 King moved with his family to Colorado for an extended holiday. He visited the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, and set there his next novel, The Shining (1975), about a writer named Jack Torrance, who succumbs to insanity and tries to kill his family.

In between The Shining and The Stand, King produced the first 75 pages for a new novel, but abandoned the manuscript. He wrote a second, unpublished version called The Cannibals in 1985 and started again in 2007. The finished work, Under the Dome (2009), told of the residents of a small town who are trapped beneath a giant dome.


The Dead Zone (1979) and 11.22.63 (2011) tackled the subject of the possibility of altering the course of history. Highly popular and internationally acclaimed author, King’s own work has definitely changed the genre of horror fiction. His first paperbacks King wrote under the name of Richard Bachman: he wanted to to create an alter-ego so that he could experiment with new styles and publish more than one book a year. The Talisman (1984) and its sequel, The Black House (2001), were written with Peter Staub. Christine (1983) was censored and banned in many schools for containing explicit sexual thought of teenage boys. Parents of students have also attacked Carrie, Firestarter, The Shining, and The Stand, complaining that they should be removed from the school library. 


King has also published non-fiction. In his collection of essays, Danse Macabre (1981), King described the writing process as a kind of “dance” in which the author searches out the private fears of each reader.

After writing The Pet Sematary King considered he don’t need to publish “the most wretched, awful thing” he made, Bag of Bones (1998).

From the beginning of his career, King has examined the forces of unconsciousness that are hidden behind creative processes. In Misery a monstrous muse forces a writer into a slavery in front of typewriter. He is addicted to his work, but at the same time he is haunted by the demands of his fans. Although King is respected as a major force in popular fiction, his books blend the line between high art and pulp culture. In Hearts in Atlantis (1999) typical horror elements are reduced as a metaphor of lost innocence. King pointedly refers to William Golding’s modern classic, Lord of the Flies.


A number of King’s stories have been adapted into screen.

King’s Dark Tower series, which started in 1982 with The Gunslinger, has combined Tolkien’s sense of wonder with a horror and Sergio-Leone influenced Western.

King confesses in On Writing that he had problems with alcohol as early as in 1975, when he wrote The Shining, and he also developed in the 1980s a drung addiction. However, it did not interfere with either the quality of quantity of his output; he still poured out thousands of words nearly every day. In June 1999 King was struck by a van and seriously injured. Soon after the accident, in July, King began publishing a serial novel, entitled The Plant, at his website,


While convalescing from the accident, King took a look at his struggling early career in On Writing (2000). Most of all, the book gives down-to-earth advises for aspiring writers. “Write what you like, then imbue it with life and make it unique by blending in your own personal knowledge of life, friendship, relationships, sex and work. Especially work. People love to read about work. God knows why, but they do.” In February 2002 King revealed to the Los Angeles Times that he has decided to stop publishing at year’s end after finishing the last three novels in his “Dark Tower” series, and some other works. In 2003 King received the National Book Award. Its previous recipients include John Updike, Arthur Miller, Philip Roth and Toni Morrison. From the mid 2000s onwards, King’s stories seems to have taken a new turn, in which the horror is not only a genre manifestation but the feelings of angst and fear are a definition of the whole human existence. Duma Key (2008), his first novel set in Florida, follows Lisey’s Story (2006), about a writer’s widow. In 2011 King joined a liberal protest rally against Florida’s Republican governor. Though King himself in an unapologetic gun-owner, he had criticized gun-rights advocates, and said in an essay entitled ‘Guns’ (Kindle Single, January 25, 2013), that “Plenty of gun advocates cling to their semi-automatics the way Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson clung to the shit that was killing them.”



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Curso de informática básica. Curso destacado del mes de agosto.

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El curso de informática básica es uno de los cursos con más éxito debido a su utilidad. Muy recomendable sobre todo para los usuarios novatos o que se empiezan a iniciar en el uso y disfrute de un ordenador.

La demanda de conocimientos iniciales de cómo funciona y se maneja el ordenador es siempre elevada. A veces lo difícil es iniciarse y tomar confianza. Saber qué hacer y cómo dar un buen uso a la máquina.

El curso tiene varias partes, para ir guiando al alumno en el conocimiento del ordenador y de sus usos más habituales y programas más usados.

El curso dura 40 horas, y está diseñado para que el alumno aprenda y vaya asimilando los conceptos teóricos con ejercicios prácticos y ejemplos. Combina a la perfección teoría y práctica, de modo que se pueda aprender a la vez que se experimenta y se prueba lo aprendido.

Se empieza dando los primeros pasos en el Sistema Operativo Windows, qué es y cómo funciona; se tratar de ir desgranando sus principales funciones, propiedades y procedimientos que nos serán útiles: la barra de tareas, el escritorio, los accesos directos, las carpetas y archivos, el menú de inicio…etc. Con ejercicios y ejemplos, y dando especial importancia al tema de crear carpetas, y crear, copiar y mover archivos y carpetas.


Cuando el alumno tenga el conocimiento necesario del sistema se adentrará en el mundo de Internet: navegar, buscadores, correos electrónicos, redes sociales, blogs, programas de comunicación, foros, etc…todo con ejemplos y haciendo el propio alumnos los e-mails, los usuarios los perfiles y las búsquedas. Hasta podrá crear blogs y manejarlos.

Por último, y no menos importante, el alumno aprenderá qué es Word y cómo se maneja. Word es el procesador de textos más usado, para crear documentos, cartas, carteles, etc. El alumno aprenderá a crearlos y usar las herramientas más imprescindibles. Así como aprenderá la filosofía y el aspecto de los programas de ofimática y avanzará en su conocimiento informático.

Este curso lo han realizado multitud de alumnos en los últimos años, con un extraordinario éxito.  El alumno puede seguir su ritmo, con horario flexible y la tranquilidad de avanzar y aprender sin perderse y resolviendo sus dudas.

3d human with paint brush and palette

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Ejercicio de inglés 52. Test online Cincuenta y dos de Inglés.

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Ejercicios de inglés

El ejercicio de este mes tiene por título elegir la forma correcta del verbo para que la frase tenga sentido y sea válida:


Ejercicio en formato pdf y word con soluciones.


Haz click en los siguientes enlaces para descargar el EJERCICIO DE INGLES Cincuenta y dos.


EJERCICIO DE INGLES cincuenta y dos, en formato Word.


EJERCICIO DE INGLES cincuenta y dos, en formato PDF.



Wendy Cope. Men and Their Boring Arguments. POESÍAS ESCOGIDAS EN INGLÉS. Traducción al español.

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Este mes hemos escogido a una poetisa britnánica contemporánea: Wendy Cope.

Su poema “Men and Their Boring Arguments” es un ejemplo de su poesía ingeniosa y con sentido del humor.


Men and Their Boring Arguments

One man on his own can be quite good fun

But don’t go drinking with two –

They’ll probably have an argument

And take no notice of you.

What makes men so tedious

Is the need to show off and compete.

They’ll bore you to death for hours and hours

Before they’ll admit defeat.

It often happens at dinner-parties

Where brother disputes with brother

And we can’t even talk among ourselves

Because we’re not next to each other.

Some men like to argue with women -

Don’t give them a chance to begin.

You won’t be allowed to change the subject

Until you have given in.

A man with the bit between his teeth

Will keep you up half the night

And the only way to get some sleep

Is to say, ‘I expect you’re right.’

I expect you’re right, my dearest love.

I expect you’re right, my friend.

These boring arguments make no difference

To anything in the end.


Los hombres y sus aburridos argumentos.

Un hombre solo puede ser muy divertido

Pero no vayas a beber con dos –

Probablemente tendrán un argumento

Y no te harán caso.


Lo que hace a los hombres tan tediosos

Es la necesidad de demostrar y competir.

Harán que te mueras de aburrimiento horas y horas.

Antes de que admitan su derrota.


Sucede a menudo en cenas-fiestas

Dónde hermano disputa con el hermano

Y ni siquiera podemos hablar entre nosotros

Porque no estamos al lado del otro.


A algunos hombres les gusta discutir con las mujeres –

No les des la oportunidad de comenzar.

No se te permitirá cambiar de tema

Hasta que no hayas cedido.


Un hombre con el bocado entre los dientes

Te mantendrá hasta la mitad de la noche

Y la única manera de conseguir un poco de sueño

Es decir, ‘Espero que tengas razón.’


Espero que tengas razón, mi querido amor.

Espero que tengas razón, amigo mío.

Estos argumentos aburridos no hacen diferencia

Para nada, al final.



Wendy Cope nació el 21 de julio 1945

Es una poetisa contemporánea inglesa.

Estudió Historia en la universidad de St Hilda, Oxford.


Vive en Ely con el poeta Lachlan Mackinnon.

La poesía de Wendy Cope es quizás mejor conocida por su humor e ingenio.



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Este mes hemos escogido la canción Never Gonna Give You Up, uno de los temas con más éxito de Rick Ashley.

Este cantante ingés tiene una dilatada carrera musical plagada de éxitos.





Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up Lyrics

 We’re no strangers to love
You know the rules and so do I
A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of
You wouldn’t get this from any other guy

I just want to tell you how I’m feeling
Gotta make you understand

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

We’ve known each other for so long
Your heart’s been aching but you’re too shy to say it
Inside we both know what’s been going on
We know the game and we’re gonna play it

And if you ask me how I’m feeling
Don’t tell me you’re too blind to see

[Chorus x2]

(Ooh give you up)
(Ooh give you up)
(Ooh) Never gonna give, never gonna give (give you up)
(Ooh) Never gonna give, never gonna give (give you up)

We’ve known each other for so long
Your heart’s been aching but you’re too shy to say it
Inside we both know what’s been going on
We know the game and we’re gonna play it

I just want to tell you how I’m feeling
Gotta make you understand



Nunca te abandonaré

No somos extraños para el amor.

Tú sabes las reglas y yo también

Un compromiso total es en lo que estoy pensando

No obtendrías esto de ningún otro tipo.


Sólo quiero decirte cómo me estoy sintiendo

Debo hacerte entender.


Nunca te abandonaré

Nunca te defraudaré

Nunca saldré corriendo ni te abandonaré

Nunca voy a hacerte llorar

Nunca voy a decirte adiós

Nunca voy a decirte una mentira ni lastimarte

Nos hemos conocido el uno al otro por tanto tiempo
Tú corazón ha estado herido
Pero eres demasiado tímida para decirlo
Por dentro ambos sabemos lo que ha estado pasando
Conocemos el juego y vamos a jugarlo.

Sólo quiero decirte cómo me estoy sintiendo
Debo hacerte entender

Nunca te abandonaré

Nunca te defraudaré

Nunca saldré corriendo ni te abandonaré

Nunca voy a hacerte llorar

Nunca voy a decirte adiós

Nunca voy a decirte una mentira ni lastimarte



Rick Astley

Richard Paul Astley nación en Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside, Lancashire, el 6 de febrero de 1966.

Es más conocido como Rick Astley.

Es un cantante de música pop inglés, que alcanzó su mayor éxito a fines de los años 1980.


Carrera musical

En 1985, era el cantante de un grupo de soul llamado FBI, cuando el productor musical Pete Waterman le descubrió y le convenció para mudarse a Londres y trabajar en sus estudios de PWL.

Bajo la tutela del trío de productores Stock, Aitken y Waterman, Astley aprendió todo el proceso de grabación en estudio lo que le sirvió como preparación para el lanzamiento de su carrera.

Su primer sencillo fue la poco conocida «When You Gonna» atribuida a Rick & Lisa, pero su primer éxito fue «Never Gonna Give You Up», de 1987, el cual se convirtió en un éxito inmediato y llegó a ser el sencillo más vendido en el Reino Unido ese año. El álbum Whenever You Need Somebody que contenía la canción también llegó al número uno en el Reino Unido y el 12 de marzo de 1988 llegó al número uno de las listas norteamericanas junto con un segundo número uno por la canción «Together Forever».


A finales de la década de los ochenta Astley se separó de Stock Aitken Waterman y lanzó el álbum Free que tuvo un moderado éxito en especial por el sencillo de 1991 «Cry For Help». En ese mismo año la RIAA certificó el álbum Whenever You Need Somebody con dos millones de copias vendidas. El total de ventas de Rick Astley se encuentra cerca de los cuarenta millones de copias incluyendo todos sus álbumes y todos sus singles.

Su siguiente álbum llamado Body & Soul lanzado en 1993 fue prácticamente ignorado excepto el sencillo «Hopelessly» que alcanzó la casilla número cuatro en las listas musicales de Adulto Contemporáneo en Reino Unido y 31 en Estados Unidos en la lista Top 40 Mainstream.


En el año 2001, publicó el ábum Keep It Turned On, en el cual se decanta por sonidos más tecno y discotequeros.

En 2005 lanzó el álbum Portrait con versiones de canciones clásicas de soul. A principios de 2006, Astley se retira inesperadamente en el último momento de aparecer en el espectáculo de la BBC Just the Two of Us después de haberse comprometido con la serie. Esto puede haber sido causado porque su pareja Lene Bausager estaba nominada para los premios Óscar por el “Mejor Corto de Acción” por su película Cashback, de la cual él mismo es compositor de la banda sonora.




  • 1987 Whenever You Need Somebody #2 Canada, #1 Reino Unido, #10 Estados Unidos (1988)

  • 1988 Hold Me in Your Arms #3 Canada, #8 Reino Unido, #19 Estados Unidos (1989)

  • 1991 Free #17 Canada, #9 Reino Unido, #31 Estados Unidos

  • 1993 Body & Soul #185 Estados unidos

  • 2001 Keep It Turned On



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Ejercicios de español con soluciones. EJERCICIO 34. Spanish exercises with answers. übungen grammatik spanisch Online.

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Ejercicios  ELE



1- Escribe el nombre de la tienda o almacén según los artículos o el servicio prestado.















 2- Haz comparaciones con la información siguiente.


 Comparativo de superioridad

Isabel/Marta/ alta. 

Juncal/Patricia/ amable.


Comparativo de inferioridad


Tú/yo/ constante





  • Floristería.

  • Relojería.

  • Librería.       

  • Panadería.

  • Papelería. 

  • Frutería.

  • Joyería.          

  • Pastelería.  

  • Pescadería

  • Zapatería.

  • Carnicería.


Comparativo de superioridad

Isabel es más alta que Marta. 

Juncal es más amable que Patricia.

Jorge es más humilde que Borja.

 Comparativo de inferioridad

Adrián es más simpático que Pedro.

Tú eres más constante que yo.

Nosotros somos más optimistas que vosotros.




EJERCICIO DE ESPAÑOL – 34 – Pinchar aquí para descargar el ejercicio en formato WORD

EJERCICIO DE ESPAÑOL – 33 – Pinchar aquí para descargar el ejercicio en formato PDF




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Robert Redford. Biografia. Famous people in English. Personajes famosos en inglés.

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Biography of Robert Redford.



Actor, director, producer. Born Charles Robert Redford Jr., on August 18, 1937, in Santa Monica, California. Redford’s father, Charles Redford Sr., worked as a milkman until after World War II, when he got a job as an accountant for the Standard Oil Company. A talented athlete, the younger Redford won a baseball scholarship to the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1955. That same year, however, his mother Martha died suddenly, leaving Redford extremely shaken. His performance in college and athletics rapidly deteriorated, and he began to drink heavily and skip classes and practice. He was subsequently kicked off the baseball team and lost his scholarship.

With aspirations to become a painter, Redford took a job in a Los Angeles oil field to earn money in order to travel to Paris, where he planned to attend art school. He ended up traveling around Europe, eventually studying painting with a teacher in Florence, Italy. By 1958, Redford had become frustrated with his slow progress and decided to return to Los Angeles. That same year, he met and married Lola Jean Van Wagenen, a Mormon student from Utah who encouraged him to cut back on his drinking and resume his pursuit of a career as an artist. The couple moved to New York, where Redford enrolled as a painting student at the prestigious Pratt Institute. He also began taking classes in theatrical set design at New York’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts.


Redford’s first acting job came in 1959, when the stage manager for the Broadway production of Tall Story asked him to audition for a small part after another actor left the project. Over the next several years, Redford combined stage work in such Broadway plays as The Highest Tree, The Iceman Cometh, and Sunday in New York with work on television, including guest appearances on the popular series Route 66, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and The Twilight Zone. He made his feature film debut in War Hunt (1962), which received critical praise but made a poor showing at the box office.

In 1963, the comedian and director Mike Nichols cast Redford as the lead in his Broadway production of Neil Simon’s Barefoot in the Park. The show was a smash hit, but 11 months into the run Redford tired of the daily grind of stage work and decided to focus on making movies. It was slow going, however, as Redford’s first five films (beginning with War Hunt) failed to attract audiences, although his performance opposite Natalie Wood in Inside Daisy Clover (1965) earned him a Golden Globe Award for the most promising male newcomer. Discouraged, Redford spent the next two years in Europe pondering his next professional move.


In 1967, Redford returned to Hollywood, where he reprised his role in a film version of Barefoot in the Park, costarring Jane Fonda. The film was a box office hit, reviving Redford’s career and earning him a good deal of attention from audiences and filmmakers alike. Even so, Redford had to fight for the role that would make him a bona fide star. At first rejected by the head of Twentieth-Century Fox for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), Redford won the part after negotiations with other, more well-known actors fell through and the producer gave in to pressure from the film’s director, George Roy Hill, and star, Paul Newman. Redford’s sly performance undoubtedly added to the overall excellence of the film, which became the top-grossing hit of the year and won four Academy Awards, including one for Best Original Screenplay.

Sundance Film Festival: Global Short Film Project for Mobile

As a newly anointed Hollywood golden boy, Redford also earned critical praise that same year for Downhill Racer and Tell Them Willie Boy is Here, although neither film connected with audiences in the same way as Butch Cassidy. While Redford had several more relative disappointments over the next three years, he hit it big in 1973, starring in two blockbusters—The Way We Were, costarring Barbra Streisand, and The Sting, which reunited him with Hill and Newman. The latter film received 10 Academy Award nominations (including one for Redford as Best Actor) and won in several major categories, including Best Director and Best Picture.

In 1974, Redford played the title character in Francis Ford Coppola’s film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s much-loved novel, The Great Gatsby, costarring Mia Farrow and Sam Waterston. His success continued throughout the decade, with starring roles in Three Days of the Condor and The Great Waldo Pepper (both 1975) and a turn as the star and producer of the acclaimed All the President’s Men (1976), costarring Dustin Hoffman. He finished out the decade with The Electric Horsemen (1979), which reteamed him with his Barefoot in the Park costar, Jane Fonda.


For all his success as an actor, Redford won his first (and so far only) Academy Award as a director, for the emotional family drama Ordinary People (1980). He appeared in only 10 films over the next two decades. Though he turned in several notable performances during the 1980s—most notably in the mythical baseball drama The Natural (1984)—and returned as a romantic leading man in such sentimental romantic dramas as Indecent Proposal (1993) and Up Close and Personal (1996), his best efforts were reserved for behind the camera, where he made a name for himself as one of Hollywood’s most respected filmmakers.


Redford’s second directorial feature was the little-seen but well reviewed The Milagro Beanfield War (1988). He attracted far more attention and praise for his third effort, a beautifully filmed adaptation of Norman Maclean’s popular autobiographical novella, A River Runs Through It (1992), starring Brad Pitt (whom many claimed was a dead ringer for the young Redford) as the rebellious half of a pair of fly-fishing brothers in Montana. In 1994, Redford earned a second Oscar nomination for Best Director for the smart drama Quiz Show, a chronicle of the real-life scandal on the 1950s game show Twenty-One, starring Ralph Fiennes. He adapted another bestselling novel to the screen in 1999, directing and starring in a film version of Nicholas Sparks’ adult romance The Horse Whisperer. His most recent directorial project is The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000), starring Matt Damon and Will Smith.


In addition to his own illustrious film career, Redford has become known as the godfather of American independent film. He founded the Sundance Institute in 1981 near his summer home in the mountains of Utah (where he had gradually acquired 5,500 acres of property since 1963) with the intention of promoting the development of new screenwriters and directors and generally supporting the production of innovative dramatic and documentary films. Since 1985, the Sundance Film Festival has served as the premiere American showcase for new independent films, attracting nearly 20,000 people every year and launching the careers of a number of talented filmmakers. In addition, Redford and his colleagues launched the Sundance Channel, a cable television channel devoted to airing and promoting independent short and full-length features.

With his wife, Lola, Redford raised three children, Shauna, Jamie, and Amy, in the family’s homes in New York City and Utah. Redford and Lola, who have four grandchildren, divorced in 1985. A long-term relationship with Kathy O’Rear, a costume designer, ended in 1995. Redford has since been romantically linked to Sibylle Szaggars, a painter.



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