New spanish school website. Spanish courses in Madrid. Paraninfo School.

Site in English, Webpage in English. We have finished our site for Spanish courses in English.

Our School of Spanish in Madrid has many Spanish courses, you can read the information in English and look for all the details: times, periods, prices, teachers, levels….You can learn Spanish in Spain with one of our great Spanish courses.

You may experience some minor issues surfing our site but all will be corrected in a very short time.

Spanish Courses in Madrid.
Spanish Courses in Madrid.

In Paraninfo Spanish Academy the course levels correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) whose aim is to provide a common base for the drawing up of languages programs, curriculum guidance, exams, manuals and materials for European teaching.

Learning Spanish in Madrid. Paraninfo School.
Learning Spanish in Madrid. Paraninfo School.

Spanish courses available during all the year

· DELE exams courses
· Extensive Spanish courses
· Intensive Spanish courses
· Semi-Intensive Spanish courses

Other Spanish courses:

· Business Spanish courses
· Children’s summer courses in the Mountains west of Madrid
· Immersion courses
· Intensive Spanish and culture course
· Language Learning Accelerator
· Learning how to read and write in Spanish
· One to One Spanish courses
· Spanish courses for groups
· Spanish courses for Students from Foreign Secondary schools, colleges and universities
· Spanish courses in groups with individual classes
· Spanish seminars for professionals
· Spanish summer courses

Spanish courses for companies:

· Spanish courses for companies – General Spanish
· Spanish courses for companies – Immersion
· Spanish courses for companies – Specific Spanish
· Spanish courses for company managers

Spanish workshops:

· Taller de Cultura Española
· Taller de Economía
· Taller de Escritura
· Taller de literatura: prosa, poesía y teatro.
· Taller de Poesía
· Taller de Teatro

 Cursos de español para extranjeros en Madrid en la Academia Paraninfo.

Paraninfo School.

Calle Princesa, 70 1º

Madrid 2008 (Spain)

Phone number: +34 91 543 31 39

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