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Frank Sinatra Biography

Francis Albert Sinatra was born on December 12, 1915, in an upstairs tenement at 415 Monroe Street in Hoboken, New Jersey.

He was the only child of Italian immigrants Antonino Martino «Marty» Sinatra (May 4, 1892 – January 24, 1969), the son of grape growers from Lercara Friddi, and Natalina «Dolly» Garaventa (December 26, 1896 – January 6, 1977), daughter of a lithographer from Genoa.




American legendary superstar of a singing career as well as TV and movies. He started as a copyboy at a local newspaper and organized his own band, «The Hoboken Four» that appeared on radio and small nightclub performances. He struck out on his own in the early ’40s and emerged as an idol of all bobby-soxer’s across America, soon becoming dubbed as «The Voice.»

His popularity declined in 1952 and he begged Columbia to sign him in a movie. He was cast in «From Here to Eternity» which won him an Oscar and launched him into a film career of over 63 films, some of which he co-produced. He has been honored with the «Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award» in 1971, in 1983 he was the recipient of the «Kennedy Center» honors for life achievement and in 1985 was awarded the «Medal of Freedom» by President Ronald Reagan, the highest civilian honor available.




Sinatra’s voice was in top form when he launched an enormously successful concert tour with Sammy Davis, Jr. and Lisa Minnelli in 1993. By this time, he had accumulated a fortune that he invested in a diversity of business ventures; everything from real estate and industry to gambling casinos and racetracks. Sinatra has often been criticized for association with underworld figures.




Labeled «ol’ blue-eyes,» Sinatra is one of the wealthiest men in the entertainment industry. He is noted for his volatility as well as his kind hearted philanthropy.

He has been married four times; first wife Nancy Barbato gave him three children and they divorced in 1951. He married Ava Gardner in 1951 just weeks after the finalization of his divorce from Nancy, and that marriage lasted until 1957. His third marriage was to Mia Farrow, 1966-1968, followed by his last marriage in 1976 to Barbara Marx, the widow of Zeppo Marx.




Sinatra has suffered with acute diverticulitis in 1986, a couple of skin cancers and other physical complaints as he grows older. A tribute was made to him on the 1998 Music Awards presentations in early 1998. Though he was no longer performing, the industry and the public expressed a great appreciation for one of the 20th century’s outstanding talents.

He died of a heart attack 5/16/1998.

Television Programme: Arena: Frank Sinatra. 1960s --- American singer and actor Frank Sinatra. Image by   John Bryson/Sygma/Corbis



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