Spanish courses

A Spanish course at Paraninfo is an excellent cultural, interesting and complete experience. Communication, learn and enjoy the Spanish Language.


Spanish courses. Classes with the students of Spanish.

The Direct Method

The Spanish course is presented by Spanish professors who have a degree and in small groups with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 students.

We use the Direct or the Interactive Method that entails immediate contact with the language. The effectiveness of the course is due to the practical and daily use of the oral language essential in normal communication combined with learning the written language for all personal or cultural communication and guarantees optimal results in the courses.

The level of each student (except beginners) is immediately determined through a test to achieve highly homogeneous groups that promote dynamic classes.

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The clases: Spanish courses:

  • Classes are 55 minutes long.
  • Registration, the certificate, the diploma and the book are included in the price of the course.
  • Free internet access.
  • Students willing to take the DELE exam must register at the Institute Cervantes and pay the corresponding fees.
  • Payment Method: The full amount before the start of the course and at the beginning of every month.

Spanish is the official language in 21 countries and spoken by over 400 million people. For this reason PARANINFO has dedicated a large part of its existence to the development of a program to learn Spanish in an easy, pleasant and effective manner.

Paraninfo is a centrally situated Spanish Language school for foreigners located in Madrid that thanks to its location and good communication and even more due to its broad experience (more than 30 years) and complete programmes has become an important reference in the teaching field. It should also be noted that it is an ¨Accredited Centre¨ of the Cervantes Institute responsible for the spreading of the Spanish language worldwide.

The accreditation means that it has exceeded the quality controls as put down by the mentioned entity.


Only applicable to monthly tariffs.

Au-pair: 20%.

Religious Congregations: 10%.

Students lodging in our flat: 5%.

Spanish courses at Paraninfo. Classes of Spanish.
Spanish courses at Paraninfo. Classes of Spanish.

Courses for directors of companies.

Development of the FCIL EUPOPE specific program (Formation Complémentaire d’Initiative Locale de la región Rhône-Alpes).

Courses for executives during week-ends:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday or Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Projects presentations, conference preparation and lessons on how to speak in public.

Optional: lunch with your professor.

Accommodation according to your preference: with a family or in a hotel.

Optional: transfers from and to the airport.